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A global initiative aimed at raising public awareness around the world


Jul 16, 2015 04:05 PM

A global initiative aimed at raising public awareness around the world

International Year of Light 2015 is a global initiative that aims to raise public awareness around the world about the importance of light in everyday life. Light and its technologies play a vital role in the development of society. The celebration provides a unique opportunity to inspire, educate and connect people worldwide.

On 20 December 2013, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, at its 68th session, proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies (IYL2015).

This international year devoted to light is the result of an initiative undertaken by a large consortium of scientific organisations in cooperation with UNESCO. The consortium brings together major stakeholders, including the scientific community, the world of education, technology platforms, not-for-profit organisations and private sector partners. 

By proclaiming an international year devoted to light and its applications, the UN recognises the importance of raising awareness around the world about how light and its technologies can promote sustainable development and provide solutions to such global challenges as energy, education, agriculture and health.

Light plays an essential role in our everyday lives and is a key cross-cutting discipline in the science of the twenty-first century. It has revolutionised medicine, opened up international communications via the Internet, and continues to be a key vector linking cultural, economic and political aspects of global society.

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