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Come and discover the system used to collect water for electricity generation

Jul 16, 2015 03:50 PM

The walk along Engolasters Hydroelectric Way is an activity that complements the visit to the MW Museum of Electricity, as it takes us to the facilities used to supply water to the hydroelectric power station.

 However, there is a much more important background to this activity, a historical aspect that provides us with a glimpse of the origins of the great works that were carried out in Andorra in the 1930s. This historic view ranges from the huge efforts that were put into constructing all the facilities around Lake Engolasters to the impact that this enterprise had on the Andorran society of the time. The information provided during the guided tour will take the visitor back to the time when these constructions were built, explaining how the workers went about their jobs, using methods that are very different from those we are used to seeing nowadays.

 One of the most main purposes of the tour is to enable visitors to understand the work and importance that FHASA attached to integrating facilities and constructions into the natural environment around Lake Engolasters and the Madriu Valley. Even today, FEDA continues to make such efforts in all the company’s projects.

 Perhaps the most surprising aspect of all these facilities and constructions, which date back to the 1930s, is that they continue to play an active role in the process of generating electricity in Andorra. Thanks to these resources, we can harness the power of water to generate, year after year, 15-20% of all the electricity consumed in Andorra.

 Visitors can discover these facilities in a tour lasting an hour and a half, during which they will view the following features, amongst others: the guard house, the dam, the lake, the valve head, the gallery inside the dam, all surrounded by nature.

 A walking tour accompanied by qualified guides

 A walking tour along a level path, surrounded by nature, accompanied by qualified guides. Suitable for everyone, the tour takes approximately an hour and a half to complete.

Nits d'estiu at the museums 2019

Nits d'estiu at the museums 2019

Jun 25, 2019 02:05 PM

Note: All the activities are in catalan

Night tour and moon watching at the camí hidroelèctric d’Engolasters
Day: 10/07/2019
Time: 21:30
50 years ago, man reached to the moon thanks to the Apollo 11 mission. Come and discover the magic of this satellite with us!
You need to bring a flashlight and a folding chair or a blanket.
By the Parc del Montsec.

Theatrical tour at the camí hidroelèctric d’Engolasters
Day: 17/07/2019
Time: 21:30
Two isolated women in the house of the guards of Engolasters will show us the habits and the work of FHASA employees. Pelton jams are a success for the tourists visiting Andorra, come and discover what it is thanks to Luisa and Carmeta, its flavour will not leave you indifferent. Don't miss it!
By Cristina Pericas, Iris Orriols and Jonathan Jiménez Ortega.

Narration of legends at the camí hidroelèctric d’Engolasters
Day: 06/08/2019
Time: 21:30
Engolasters is full of mysteries and legends, do you want to come and discover it by the hand of Assumpta Mercader?
You need to bring a flashlight and a folding chair or a blanket.
By Assumpta Mercader.

Night tour and observation of rain of stars at the camí hidroelèctric d’Engolasters
Day: 11/08/2019
Time: 21:30
Do you want to live a special night? Come with us and the astronomers of the Parc del Montsec to see the tears of Saint Lawrence.
You need to bring a flashlight and a folding chair or a blanket.
By the Parc del Montsec.

Closure of the Nits d'estiu at the camí hidroelèctric d’Engolasters with the concert of Quim Salvat
Day: 27/08/2019
Time: 20h00
As a closure of the Nits d'estiu 2019, we propose a special evening in Engolasters with the singer-songwriter Quim Salvat. We're waiting for you!

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