Vall del Riu lake: the most recent dam

Vall del Riu lake

It’s the most recent dam of the infrastructures of FEDA. It was built during the summers of the years 1998 and 1999. It’s located in a wild and unfrequented valley.

To get there you can go from Plans de Ransol or from Bordes de l’Armiana near from Canillo. Halfway, we will find the non-sheltered refuge of Vall del Riu

Starting from Ransol:

  • distance: 12 km (round trip)altitude difference: 780 m+/-
  • duration: 5 h (2 h 45 go up and 2 h 15 step down)
  • difficulty level: difficult
  • Download the track 
  • Starting point: Plans de Ransol (Canillo); Googlemaps 

Starting from Bordes de l’Armiana:

  • distance: 11 km (round trip)
  • altitude difference: 760 m+/-
  • duration: 4 h 45 (2 h 35 go up and 2 h 10 step down)
  • difficulty level: difficult
  • Download the track (Armiana-Estany de la Vall del Riu a H:\Màrqueting i Comunicació\Comunicació\30è Aniversari FEDA\Recorregut Estanys amb presa\volta estanys hidro\tracks murs d'aigua)
  • Starting point: Bordes de l’Armiana at the end of the Armiana Street, km xx of the CS-204 of Canillo; Googlemaps

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