Juclar lake: the largest lake

Juclar lake

Juclar lake: the largest lake

workers during dam's construction

Going to the Juclar lake is a very pleasant hiking where you can admire the wild landscape that surrounds it. We will have the surprise of seeing two lakes closely, the largest is the one with the dam, and we will also have a refuge next to it where we can make a meal or spend a night with all the comforts.

It’s located deep in the Incles valley. We access by the road but during the summer it’s closed and we must take the electric train if we do not want to walk 3 additional km.

This lake is the largest of Andorra. Its dam was built between 1933 and 1936. We can still see the ruins of the hut where the workers were lodged during their construction, below the dam. See construction photographs. Since then, several important works have been done to renovate the dam and the valve, the last one was during the summer of 2014.

When they are full, the two lakes can be connected, but it rarely happens.

The refuge of Juclar is located a few meters from the dam. It’s a sheltered refuge during the summer with all the comforts.

We will find more information

Information to the second lake:

  • distance: 8,5 km (round trip)
  • altitude difference: 540 m+/-
  • duration: 3 h 50 (2 h 10 go up and 1 h 40 step down).
  • difficulty level: medium
  • Download the track 

starting point: la vall d’Incles road, km 3; 42.60203, 1.68709; Googlemaps

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